Version 0.0.3: Hotfixes and Balancing

Hey, guys, we're super glad people like the game so far even if it is pretty bare-bones! Some quick edits have been made to improve your quality of life while we work on bigger updates. :)

Balancing the Game

Originally, in version 0.0.1, you could make a net profit from farming (as you would normally expect from a farming simulator), but it was pointed out that you didn't have to play pinball at all to make money, so I lowered the gains and raised prices of things in the 0.0.2 patch - looks like I made the game too difficult, though, so I've rebalanced the monetary gains again. You should be able to have a more substantial business and it should feel more satisfying to sell your crops again without you making too much money. ;)

The pinball got too fast at times, so its speed has been capped and the gravity reduced a bit.

Hotfixes Implemented

• There is no proper "Game Over" screen yet, so a small "Back" button has been added in the lower right of the screen in the meantime.  Please be careful, because you will lose your progress upon returning to the title screen!

• The ball phasing though the launcher in specific circumstances is a known issue we're looking into fixing. You no longer lose a life if the ball bugs through the launcher, so it should no longer affect gameplay in the meantime.


Pinball Gardener v0.0.3 (Zipped with .exe) 4 MB
Apr 25, 2018
Pinball Gardener v0.0.3 (Installer) 17 MB
Apr 25, 2018

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