v0.0.2 Patch: Bug Fixes and Instructions Page

Bug squashing! I've fixed all the known issues with the game that were posted about in the previous devlog. 

Of course, there are normally un-caught bugs or glitches hiding somewhere, so feel free to leave a comment if you find any!


• Implemented instructions page.

• Fixed crash when attempting to select a nonexistent inventory item.

• Fixed weirdness with launcher physics.

• Fixed crash associated to previous note when spamming the launcher button.

• Adjusted collisions to fix corners where the ball was getting stuck. Buttery smooth!

• Re-balanced farming so you have to play pinball to make money.


• Implement more music tracks to the game.

• Implement more SFX to the game.

• Implement simple particles.

• Implement favicon.


• There is a "ball through launcher" bug that occurs when attempting to launch with juuuust the right timing.

Credit for this .gif goes to Kasumi!


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Apr 24, 2018
Installer 17 MB
Apr 24, 2018

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